Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last night marked the beginning of Spring Football Practice. I'm not happy about this. I'm doing all I can to make it three more weeks until school gets out and my husband will be home to help with the kids. Spring Practice means he's home later than he normally is. Spring Practice means I'm home alone with two very demanding children for 12 hours. Spring Practice means trying to feed dinner to an infant and a picky toddler at the same time. Last night, Spring Practice meant watching aforementioned picky toddler refusing to chew his ravioli before swallowing thereby causing him to throw up all over himself. Spring Practice meant having to change a poopy diaper and in the process of trying to stuff said poopy diaper into an already over-filled diaper pail, precious, un-potty-trained toddler proceeds to "tee-tee" all over himself and the carpet. However, when asked where one SHOULD "tee-tee," precious, un-potty-trained toddler replies, "In the potty, Mama." THEN FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Cinco de Mayo, right? Doesn't that require a margarita or two???

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