Thursday, June 11, 2009

Genetic deficiency

I have come to the realization that I must have the weakest genes in the history of mankind.

I've known for quite some time (since he popped out, actually) that my son is the spitting image of my husband.

However, I've been holding out hope that my little girl might resemble me just the slightest bit.


I spotted a baby picture of my mother-in-law at their house yesterday and did a double take. I actually thought it was a picture of my Little Ladybug hanging on the wall. I mean, the resemblance was unCANNY!

Suck. All I have to show for my two kids is a few extra pounds (Ok, QUITE a few extra pounds) and some stretch marks.

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Jennifer said...

Hi, Alisha,

I've enjoyed reading your blog. I can relate to having kids that look nothing like you!
How is your dad? My dad, also, had prostate cancer, but fortunately they caught it very early.
I'm glad your baby girl is a little easier for you than your boy. Each one of mine has been a little easier than the last. You need to write some more!