Monday, May 4, 2009

I've been "got"

I was tagged... However, I can't really use that as an excuse. I'm hopelessly obsessed with these survey things...have been since high school.

1. What is your current obsession? Hm...blogging I'd have to say....or blog-stalking. I'm beginning to think that blogging is a learned skill. For anybody who knows me, I talk...A LOT. But, oddly enough, I can't usually find anything to write about on my blog. I'm going to keep at it though, because I love to write. Plus, it makes me feel mildly intellectual, something that I don't feel very often these days when I've spent 10 hours reading books with only 10 pages, playing with play-doh, or making car or helicopter sounds all day. And don't even get me started on the baby talk...

2. Which item of clothing do you wear most often? My gray or black yoga gauchos I got at Target about 3 years ago. Yes, I realize gauchos aren't hugely popular anymore, but these things are SO COMFORTABLE! I've always been a t-shirt and jeans/shorts/yoga pants/track pants kind of girl. And flip-flops...definitely flip-flops.

3. What's for dinner? Ravioli and garlic bread sticks.

4. What are you listening to? My washing machine spinning/draining and Charlie asking me to "play wit da tractor, Mama?" (Yes...I'm putting him off to finish this...I'm horrible. I know.)

5. She's become invaluable to me recently. She's a fountain of knowledge about all SORTS of things.

6. Favorite vacation spot? Charleston (which reminds me...I intended to give Lauren a hard time about a comment she made about Charleston not too long ago... I was born in Charleston, my dear, and still consider it home... And, I'm OFFENDED! :)) I also have wonderful memories of Ashville with my husband, but I don't think it was so much the place as the company that made it so special. :)

7. What are you reading right now? Lots of blogs. I haven't had much time to read since Nora was born. But I'll get back to it...have no fear.

8. 4 words to describe yourself: Sensitive, scattered, spiritual, sleepy. (I started w/ the "s" thing and just decided to go with it...)

9. Guilty pleasure? Oh my...I have a lot of them... Naps. Peanut butter M & M's. Naps.

10. First spring thing to do? Take a Claritin. Seriously...pollen gives me migraines. If I'm not religious in taking my Claritin, bad things happen. After that, bust out the flip flops.

Tag Chris! OOOH, Lori, you're following me now, too. TAG!


Lauren said...

Hahahaha! Well, in Charleston's defense, I think I haven't been exposed to the parts of the city that I would actually enjoy. I went once with a friend, and we did a lot of shopping and eating. I'm more of a "historical monument, walk the college campus" kind of girl. Oh, and eating. But not places with $12 appetizers. ;o)

Lauren said...

Oh, and I don't know about that "fountain of knowledge" stuff. Maybe more of an oily puddle in a parking lot after it rains...

Alisha B said...

Charleston has it's pricey side, I'll admit. But, there's a good "hole-in-the-wall" side, too. :)

LOL at the oily puddle... That's what I feel like!